Dirty Laundry: Perez Hilton Nude

Before he was brown-nosing b-list celebrities "Perez Hilton" was known as "Toptastic" and was into literally brown-nosing anyone that wanted to hook up with him.

About a hundred pounds ago, a much more butch-looking Lavanderia posted pictures of himself and his schlong on his profile on the gay matchmaking site manhunt.net. According to the profile, he claims he's into, "sucking, fucking, 1 on 1, group sex, voyeurism, exhibition, leather, toys, B&D, S&M, pig play, WS, nipple play, rimming, LTR, fuck buddy, friends, dating, kissing" Quite an exhaustive list. What, no gerbils? You prude!

The pics are up at VeryVulgar.com if you are interested.

It goes without saying that the images are not safe for work, which is fine, considering that images of Perez Hilton nowadays are not safe for breakfast.

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