Ciao to Sopranos?

David Chase likes to fuck with people's minds. Clearly that is why he decided to wrap up six seasons of the Sopranos with a "leave-it-up-to-the-viewers" sort of non-ending. I'm not going to give anything away, but it all seemed just a little too quick. Everything seemed to just finish. Like the writers ran out of toner in the printer or something. Very strange.

Naturally, this has the internets all a flutter about the how and whys of the mind of David Chase. The HBO forum on the episode is now a mind-jarring 387 pages long, filled with everyone's $.02 on what they thought. I have neither the time, nor the inclination to read all 5,700 messages, but if you have some time to kill, you can check it out here.

"I think it's a great ending. It's a good way to go out," said Michael "Chris-tuh-fah" Imperioli.

Fans, however beg to differ.

One site has popped up in hopes of bringing the show back. They had a strong opinion of how the show ended that sums up the general opinion of most Sopranos fans:
Was it genius, or did Creator David Chase just shit all over our faces and then wipe his ass with the best show of all time?
New York Magazine has a re-cap of the cast screening. Apparently even the cast were left in the dark, waiting to see how Chase was going to end it. (spoiler alert). And then, no one knew if they should applaud at the ending or not.

And PR Inside has an interesting article about one of the extras that was in the final scene:
Paolo Colandrea, a 47-year-old owner of a pizza joint in Penndel, Pennsylvania, played the mysterious man wearing a Member's Only jacket sitting at the bar. He was shown going to the bathroom - a weigh station of assassination to fans of "The Godfather."

But if Colandrea's character was there to kill Tony Soprano, the actor who played him is not saying.

"I do have an idea, but I cannot really talk," Colandrea said Monday. "I have papers signed that I can't make any comments on that."
And there you have it: nothing. Of course Colandrea can't comment. Even if he is just an extra, they all sign non-disclosure agreements.

David Chase has said that a movie is definitely NOT in the works, but I think that he may be blowing smoke. My best guess is that a movie is being hammered out as we speak and they will start getting the ball rolling soon. It was always a long time between seasons and this may just be a real long break before we hopefully hear that pounding bass line from the opening song one more time.

Dont put the manicotti in the fridge just yet.

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