Automatic TV Show Idea Generator

We all know that Hollywood is out of ideas. Its the age of the sequel and the inevitable over-cultivation of a concept until its a steaming pile of catchphrases and cliches.

The Pitch Generator is a tool that may actually be helpful to those writers that are starving for something new to write about. The generator creates hundreds of original TV show ideas, all starring actors "that a rational person would never yolk together."

For example:
  • A divorce lawyer who is secretly a werewolf betrays a bank president who's on the lam. Stars Max von Sydow and Ron Jeremy. Genre: Sci-Fi
  • A conductor with magical powers is forced to work for a drug lord who is the embodiment of Satan. Stars Christopher Walken and Alicia Silverstone. Genre: Drama
  • A ballroom dancer with leprosy is the last person on Earth, along with a clown with a mean streak. Stars Marlon Brando and Jill Eikenberry. Genre: Movie of the Week
That Brando one I would actually pay top dollar to see.

Try the Pitch Generator and find the next blockbuster hit.

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