Weekend Box Office Recap

As we predicted, Spiderman 3 dominated the box office for the second weekend. Despite a 60% drop in its total take from the previous week, the Sony Pictures web slinging sequel still managed impressive per screen numbers ($14,111 per screen on 4,252 screens).

Meanwhile, the zombie flick "28 Weeks Later" - which has so far earned the lowest review yet by our intrepid reviewer J Jammer came in a nowhere-close second place with a measly 10 mil.

"Georgia Rule," Lindsay Lohan's latest attempt to show the world she can act, (when she's not doing lines of cocaine off the toilet seat in a club somewhere) came in third, opening with a piss-poor $5.8 mil.

Here are the rest of the numbers, courtesy of thenumbers.com:

1. Spider-Man 3 $60,000,000
2. 28 Weeks Later $10,000,000
3. Georgia Rule $5,878,590
4. Disturbia $4,807,000
5. Delta Farce $3,500,000
6. Fracture $2,900,000
7. The Invisible $2,202,000
8. Hot Fuzz $1,654,638
9. Next $1,604,000
10. Meet the Robinsons $1,600,000

Opening this week is "Shrek the Third" which might give Spidey a run for the money. My Prediction is that Spiderman will slip and the new Dreamworks pic will take the throne for the weekend. We'll see.

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