Weekend Box Office Recap

There was a reason why no major film studios released anything this weekend.

Without question, "Spiderman 3" obliterated the box office. It made $59 million on Friday alone, breaking the record for the largest grossing opening day in motion picture history. The previous record was held by "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" which was released July of last year to $55.8 million.

It also didn't hurt the fact that S3 also holds the record for the widest release in box office history: 4,252 screens.

And in spite of this, the movie also set a record for the highest per theater average for a movie playing in over 3,000 theaters: an amazing $34,807 per theater.

So a lot of hype, a heavy dose of the fanboy effect and the studio blitzing the boxoffice makes for one hell of an opening weekend.

Here are the numbers for the rest of the films that were playing and let me tell you: it wasnt even close.

1. Spider-Man 3 $148,000,000
2. Disturbia $5,720,000
3. Fracture $3,425,000
4. The Invisible $3,125,000
5. Next $2,768,000
6. Lucky You $2,515,000
7. Meet the Robinsons $2,466,000
8. Blades of Glory $2,302,000
9. Hot Fuzz $2,054,322
10. Are We Done Yet? $1,700,000

Next week looks like it's shaping up to be another solid one for Spidey and company as the films due out really don't stand a chance:

Delta Farce - with Larry the Cable Guy and Bill Engvall, so you know you've got a winner there.
28 Weeks Later - a sequel to a zombie flick.
Georgia Rule, staring Felicity Huffman, Jane Fonda and the Cokehead

Its going to be a long summer, kids.

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J_Jammer said...

hahaha....nice link--cokehead. haha

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