Weekend Box Office Predictions: Yarr.

Memorial Weekend is usually considered the start of the summer movie season, but just like Christmas, the season seems to be getting longer each year. This year two major flicks came out before the official start of summer, yet you just know they are going to say they were part of the season.

But this weekend is definitely the kickoff. And with it come the big guns.

It goes without saying that the third Pirates of the Caribbean sequel is destined to knock the wind out of the sails of the third animated ogre sequel and the third radioactive spider guy sequel. Technically, the film was officially released at 8pm last night, and the numbers are already running. At the end of it all, Disney will pat itself on the back for the huge success the film had for the three day weekend (even though technically its been five nights).

Only twice in history have two movies opened to more than $100 million dollars in the same year. This year we are getting three in the same month.

But by how much will Pirates open? No one knows for sure. Josh Horowitz, movie editor for MTV predicts $160 million. The guys over at World of KJ predict $175 million and claim it will be the biggest weekend ever.

My prediction: If I had to put a number to it, I'd say Pirates 3 will break the $180 million mark.

Opening on 4,362 separate screens, it's already broken the record held by Spiderman 3 for its opening (4,172 screens). Good or bad, its going to be a record breaker in a lot of categories and a lot of people are going to see it this weekend. I just wont be one of them.

I'm going to be spending the weekend about as far away from a movie screen as I possibly can be. I plan on sitting on my ass surrounded by mother nature, while my entertainment will be to stare into a fire for several hours and enjoy the company of good friends I haven't seen in a while. And knowing the people I hang around with, it will probably be an NC-17 kind of weekend, which makes it infinitely more appealing to me than watching Johnny Depp stagger around in pirate makeup.

I'll see you on the other side and we'll talk about the numbers on Tuesday.

Have a good weekend and stay safe.

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