"Spider-Man 3" Nerdy Fun to the Core

Genres: Action/Adventure, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Adaptation and Sequel
Running Time: 2 hr. 20 min.
Release Date: May 4th, 2007 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sequences of intense action violence.
Distributors: Sony Pictures Releasing
Directed by:
Sam Raimi

JJ Rating: A

Peter Parker is Spider-Man and his best friend, Harry Osborn, and girlfriend, Mary Jane, know it. Harry has a bone to pick with Peter and picks it good and well. A Sandman emerges as the actual killer. A rival photographer snaps photos of Spidey to gain more credit and replace Parker. And a black gooey, walking, alien stuff grabs hold of Peter and makes him “different”. Of course Parker wants to propose to MJ and get her to be his wife…but things complicate that and always there like a rock is Aunt May giving her much needed wisdom.

I think it is very IMPORTANT to note that Venom does NOT play a major role as a villain so do NOT go and see this movie thinking that, you’ll be disappointed (and stupid) for thinking such a thing. He IS in the movie but not as a major villain.

Now that that is out of the way….

Let me also get this out of the way…I saw the movie at the midnight showing and towards the end the film stops playing and people get pissed off. Rightfully so and then someone comes into the theater and states how it’s going to start up again so I’m alright with all this. When they start it up they do not start it up where it had stopped so I don’t really know how much I missed. That is annoying. Then ten minutes later the film melts and we all get free tickets. This is not helping me so I and a few others sneak into another theater where they were a few minutes behind. I get to see the end and miss a few moments In between. So that kind of spoiled my major excitement for seeing the movie.

I read how one critic was stating how there are four things a superhero movie should follow and all I read was blah blah blah blah blah and blah. I know there should be commas there but it’ll add to the horribleness of the blahing if I don’t add them. I think it’s lame that someone who isn’t into superheroes in the fashion that I am would dare to state how a superhero film should be. I mean the audacity of such an idiot….loser.

I’m a huge Marvel fan. HUGE. So I would know and understand how a Marvel character (most of them---Ghostrider would not be among the most…yeah not cool to me though I did see that movie) way more than some person that would have to list what makes a good superhero movie. Who makes list anyway? Gosh.

Now that I’ve wasted enough of your time with my blahing I will get to the point of if I liked it or not….yeah right now I’ll do it…

I really like Spider-Man 3. Why? I like the emotion that was put into the film and the actors and how they have come such a long way since the first film. I like how some characters evolved by the end of the movie and I really like how they altered a villain and made him more human. It’s a totally different take than the comic book and though that would upset some overly sensitive comic book nerds it shouldn’t. It was a different take that added to the film and did not take away so they should not only get over it but embrace it for its goodness.

In the comic book Spider-Man gets the symbiotic suit he can take on and off at will but not in the movie. In the movie it latches onto the suite and he takes it on and off physically. That is different but not in a bad way. What this does is separate Spider-Man from the way Venom embraces the suit. Venom is able to take it on and off with a single thought. I believe that shows the depth of the revenge for the characters. Peter had the wanting of revenge but he was not chained to it like Venom was.

Friendship is a theme in the movie as is understanding. Whoa there is a lot of understanding that needs to be done by the characters in this one. Peter has to understand MJ and the Sandman and somewhat Venom and of course Aunt May. Poor Peter he has to practically be Professor X if he wants to get things right.

There is ample humor in this film and it is done with gracefulness of a nerd. Toby Maguire plays the nerd well and that is what makes some scenes humorous. When he is under the spell of the suit he’s nerdy swagger is great. His hair reminded me of Hitler (it really did) but that just made it funnier to me. Topher Grace is Brock and he’s a funny character with his nonchalant way of handling things. He has an air of faux superiority. Gwen Stacy is in this movie and I would like to state that Bryce Dallas Howard did a great job as her. She looked the part and even sounded the part.

Spidey action how was it? GREAT. There is a lot of bouncing on things in mid air and swirling and bending and swinging so it’s a good Spidey action flick. The fight scenes were swell. He gets to get a lot of fight in this movie. They gave him a new web move—shooting web balls. That’s pretty nifty.

I would love to write a comic book movie one day. I think I could do really well. I think they did a great job with this movie. I think all the actors did a fantastic job. I just can’t help but realize that this movie didn’t seem to end like they were stating as in it didn’t feel like the last one. I said this about X-Men too. I mean if they are finished and done they should make such an ending to the movie and not leave it as if they are going to continue it.

Spider-man 3 was a web slinging movie and it’s all for the webheads out there. I think I’ll buy this movie, and the second one, when it comes out on DVD. I liked it. Of course I LOVE X-Men more but Spider-Man is good. I love the nerdy aspect of him and how he is a hero even though he’s the nerdy type. It’s a drastic difference one that is way more so than the one between Batman and Bruce Wayne.

So if you liked the first two you will surely like the third one. I’m pretty sure of that and maybe you’ll have a few problems with it but I bet over all you’re going to want to get bitten by a radioactive spider so you can swing through the concrete jungle. Or maybe that’s just me.

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