Saturday Morning WTF: ABC Has Gone Round the Bend

Apparently being the executive that green-lights pilots for the American Broadcasting Company is so easy, even a caveman can do it.

The Hollywood Reporter posted this morning that ABC, in its efforts to kick their race to the bottom of the ratings pile into high gear - has picked up the Cavemen pilot as a mid-season replacement for some other show in their lineup that will tank just as bad.

You read that right, kids. The thin-skinned, overly-sensitive Neanderthals from the Geico commercials are going to be a half hour situation comedy series.

The original commercials produced by the Martin Agency for Geico Insurance were actually pretty funny and creative (here is a website that has all the spots). Each one has made me chuckle, which is really all you can expect from a 30 second spot. They were memorable, which is what the Martin Agency wanted. But they've run their course. We've seen the spots. We get the joke, move on.

So naturally, at the point where we've all pretty much had enough of these guys, ABC decides that now would be a good time to turn it into a mid-season replacement sit com.

Its all part of what I like to call "lowest common denominator television." Something ABC is apparently very passionate about.

According to TV Guide, ABC doesn't officially unveil its fall schedule until next Tuesday, but they have a version of the lineup making the rounds right now. Here is what may be ABC's master plan for Nielsen mediocrity:

8 – 9:30 Dancing with the Stars
9:30 – Sam I Am
10 - Marlowe

8 - Dancing with the Stars
9 - Dirty Sexy Money
10 - Boston Legal

8 - Pushing Daisies
9 - Private Practice
10 - October Road

8 - Ugly Betty
9 - Grey's Anatomy
10 - Football Wives

8 - The Middle
8:30 - Miss/Guided
9 - Men in Trees
10 - 20/20

College Football

7 - Home Videos
8 - Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
9 - Desperate Housewives
10 - Brothers & Sisters

The Replacements
• Mondays after Dancing with the Stars: Notes from the Underbelly and Perfect Gentlemen
• Tuesdays starting in February: Lost
• Tuesdays after Dancing with the Stars: Oprah Winfrey's Big Give

The Bachelor
Cashmere Mafia
Eli Stone
George Lopez
The Knights of Prosperity
Wife Swap

Maybe this is really a secret ploy to get us all outside instead of watching TV. I know I will be finding better things to do with my time than watching this caveman show. Like maybe getting a root canal. Or extracting lint from my belly button to add to my collection.

Never underestimate the power of out-of-touch executives and their ability to mis-interpret what the American public vaguely considers entertainment.

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