Paris Hilton's Jail Time Reduced

She hasn't even been locked up yet, but Paris is getting her time behind bars shortened on account of good behavior. has the details:

The hotel heiress will spend about 23 days in a "special needs housing unit" at the Century Regional Detention Center in suburban Lynwood, Los Angeles County sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said.
Officials considered several factors in calculating the credit, including that she appeared for her latest court date, he said.

Just to make sure you understood that, she got time off for good behavior because she showed up for her court date. That's it.

Speaking through Barbra Walters yesterday on The View, Paris' mom Kathy Hilton said "Hopefully the young people who look up to people like Paris can learn from this."

Yeah, we've learned that all it takes to have the justice system bend over is to be a no-talent celebrity and pay a lot of money for a good lawyer.

Meanwhile the average guy who gets busted for drunk driving and driving with a suspended license would probably not be so lucky.

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