Miss USA falls (remix)


Its something we're sure every contestant fears. But for Rachel Smith Monday night, it was simply the capper to a perfectly crappy evening.

Apparently in addition to her little slip on the stage during Monday's Miss Universe pageant in Mexico City, our Miss USA was booed by the audience during the interview portion of the show. However according to ABC news, the booing wasn't directed to Rachel directly.

"Instead, they say it was a sign of the increasingly tense relationship between the United States and Mexico at a time when the immigration debate is hot."

So you can see, Rachael didn't have a fun night.

It would have been nice to see her at least acknowledge that she was human and that the slip on stage was pretty damn funny. But being the pageant professional she is, she quickly gets up and works very hard to convince the audience that they didn't just see a beautiful woman fall straight on her ass on stage.

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