Marilyn Manson's Publicity Machine

So is little Brian Warner really "doing it" with Rachel Evan Wood in this video?

Dont know, and really don't care.

Manson says, "Let's just say there were some conservative people involved (with the video) that got a little upset about things that were taking place, and there's been rumors back and forth, but I will not confirm or deny them."

Of course not, because as we all know, controversy breeds popularity.

Let's look at it from another perspective: the song sucks. I don't care how "kewl" the video looks, if the music is bad, who gives a shit how you present it?

It sounds like someone trying desperately to convince us that he's evil. Because that's what the world has come to expect from Marilyn Manson, right? He's the devil incarnate. He's everything conservative Christians should avoid like the plague, right? Whatever.

All I see is a bitter little man in his mid-thirties writing songs to get even with his latest broken relationship. If I wanted to hear that, I'd hang out at open mic night at the coffee shop near the local high school.

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