"Blind Dating" Equals Blind Writing

Genres: Comedy, Drama and Romance Running Time: 1 hr. 35 min.
Release Date:
May 11th, 2007 (limited)
MPAA Rating:
PG-13 for sexual content and language

Independent Distribution Partnership (IDP)

Directed by: James Keach

JJ Rating: C-

Blind man wants to find a woman that loves him for him instead of giving him pity because he’s blind. His brother sets him up on blind dates that end horribly. He does end up finding someone but that’s because she’s a secretary at the doctor’s office he visits often.

Blind Dating has some good moments that were touching and heartfelt. But the problem is that this movie is all over the place. It focuses on too much and really begs for emotion when it isn’t giving anything worthy of emotion. If it had focused on the main character being blind and the troubles with that and finding a woman than okay. But it was weird because it was stuck in a limbo of being dramatic and funny and it did not work. It was vying for humor and tears. Some movies can do that and score. This was not one of them at all.

No I will not own this movie. I admit that there were funny moments but there were no touching moments. Nothing that made me go awww. I think that blind people deserve a lot of respect for what they can do and put up with and how they handle things but I’m not about to garner up pity points for a movie about a blind person.

Blind Dating was alright. It’s not a movie I’d really ever want to see again and it’s not one that I would recommend to anyone that likes movies or enjoy movies or wants something that’s dramatic and funny. I do have to say that Anjali Jay (right in picture) is hot. Blind Dating doesn’t focus on a story line that would really make anyone care…and the most important person who should care is me.

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