Big Surprise: Caveman Sitcom is Stupid

In case you haven't heard, ABC is working on a pilot using the cavemen characters from the Geico commercials.

It's no surprise that it sucks.

The boys at Aint It Cool News have the scoop:

"Cavemen" is literally a thirty second commercial expanded to twenty-two minutes. But... it's actually much worse than that. Just like their source material, the origin of these domesticated Cro-Magnons is never explained. I guess "Encino Man" is part of the prequel trilogy. We meet these humanoids already fully integrated into society and living in a mid-west apartment with a bunch of Ikea furniture. Think about it, a show based on a commercial is bound to have a lot of product placement."

Sometimes it can be entertaining to see the desperation of a multi-billion dollar corporation such as ABC attempt something so mind-numbingly stupid. Our guess is that this will never hit the air and if there is anyone with a drop of grey matter left in their budget-addled brains over at "alphabet" they will shit can this project post haste.

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