The Almighty Roadblock

NBC is making sure you watch the promo for Steve Carell's new film tonight, whether you want to or not.

Following the season finale of "The Office," NBC will be airing a first-look preview (in other words an extended commercial) for the film "Evan Almighty" at exactly 8:58 p.m. EST/PST on NBC, MSNBC, SciFi, Bravo, USA, Universal HD, CNBC, Mun2, Chiller and Sleuth.

This type of media tactic is known as a roadblock, where the same promo is shown on multiple networks at the exact same time, thus making sure that not a single television watching person can get through this time period without being exposed to the content. It also ensures that no one is exposed to the spot more than once because no one can watch two programs at one time. Of course, if you have a DVR you can just skip through the media blitz without any hassle. Its an expensive tactic, but has been very effective in the past. And Sony needs this film to be successful, since its been reported to be one of the most expensive films ever made, thanks to elaborate animal casting and uncooperative weather (you can just taste the irony of that one, can't ya?)

If you're not planning on watching NBC tonight, (maybe your an Ugly Betty/ Grey's Anatomy fan, or perhaps you are doing something besides being a couch potato) you can watch the Evan Almighty trailer on YouTube.

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