07 Memorial Weekend Recap

Hope your Memorial Day weekend was a good one. While I dig through the rubble of my camping gear in search of some brain cells to collect some coherent sentences together, I read the box office totals from thenumbers.com. While I was out hanging out with a large assortment of freaks, geeks and crystal-licking hippies in the middle of nowhere, it appears that some of you spent some time in dark movie theaters watching Johnny Depp stagger around as a pirate. Good for you, I say. As long as you felt entertained for your hard-earned money, its worth it.

Here are the weekend totals for the official start of the 07 Summer movie season:

1 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End $112,547,000
2 Shrek the Third $51,042,000
3 Spider-Man 3 $13,700,000
4 Bug $3,260,000
5 Waitress $3,075,000
6 28 Weeks Later $2,480,000
7 Georgia Rule $1,856,400
8 Disturbia $1,759,000
9 Wild Hogs $1,092,000
10 Fracture $1,075,000

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