Weekend Box Office Recap

Friday the 13th didnt scare people away from the box office as the films this weekend had some strong openings.

In the meantime, Grindhouse, dropped 63% in its second week, putting it at the number 10 spot in the chart. Harvey Weinstein has been grumbling that he wants to re-release the film as two separate flicks, but my guess is that this will do nothing for their bottom line.

Here are the numbers for this weekend:

1 Disturbia $23,025,000
2 Blades of Glory $14,065,000
3 Meet the Robinsons $12,103,000
4 Perfect Stranger $11,500,000
5 Are We Done Yet? $9,200,000
6 Pathfinder $4,800,000
7 Wild Hogs $4,639,000
8 The Reaping $4,565,000
9 300 $4,315,000
10 Grindhouse $4,239,000

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