Weekend Box Office Recap

We didn't think Grindhouse was going to have a HUGE draw opening weekend. Genre flicks like that are usually driven by the fanboys - of which there is a large army for both Tarrantino and Rodriguez. This, we figured would bump it cleanly into the top five, but not numero uno. And we were right.

Even with a 3o% drop from its opening weekend, Blades of Glory brought in $23 million. Pretty respectable for the Will Ferrell vehicle.

Here are the numbers from this weekend:

1 (1) Blades of Glory Dreamworks SKG Comedy $23,000,000
2 (2) Meet the Robinsons Buena Vista Adventure $17,004,000
3 (new) Are We Done Yet? Sony Pictures Comedy $15,000,000
4 (new) Grindhouse Weinstein/Dimension Horror $11,590,810
5 (new) The Reaping Warner Bros. Horror $10,080,000
6 (3) 300 Warner Bros. Action $8,825,000
7 (5) Wild Hogs Buena Vista Comedy $6,838,000
8 (6) Shooter Paramount Pictures Thriller/Suspense $5,800,000
9 (4) TMNT Weinstein Co. Action $4,935,000
10 (new) Firehouse Dog 20th Century Fox Comedy $4,000,000 2,860 $1,399 $5,257,491 5

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