Sayonara Sanjaya

I wouldn't watch "American Idol" if you paid me.

But thanks to all the other entertainment blogs and grocery store tabloid rags that just wont shut up about this grinning goober, I now have an inkling as to who Sanjaya Malakar is. Or rather was, as he was voted off the show last night.

Big, fat, hairy, deal. Seriously.

So America finally decided that this simpering simpleton's 15 minutes were up and it was time for him to slip back into relative obscurity.

Of course, I'm sure he wont be completely gone, as most noteworthy contestants that stand out on Idol tend to hang around on the fringe of celebrity status just enough to make a few bucks here and there. And there's always the idea of a reunion show or something in the future, so my guess is we'll see him again. Yippee.

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