“Meet The Robinsons” Brings Disney Back

Genres: Kids/Family, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Animation and Adaptation
Running Time: 1 hr. 36 min.
Release Date: March 30th, 2007 (wide)
MPAA Rating: G
Distributors: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

Directed by: Stephen J. Anderson

JJ Rating: A

Lewis is a child that continued to wait to be adopted. He would be scheduled to meet with couples who were looking to adopt. He would show them inventions and be his quirky self and that would usually scare them off. His late night working on his latest invention makes his roommate lose precious sleep. At the science fair he meets Wilbur Robinson who ends up taking him to the future, after his invention was ruined, where he ends up meeting the rest of the Robinsons. This was all in an effort to keep the future from disappearing because it all came from the invention that Lewis refuses to fix back up. So Wilbur tries his best with his one year older charm to get Lewis to do what it is that needs to be done. This makes the title Meet the Robinsons a great title with heartfelt meaning.

I loved the movie. It reminded me as to why I really like Disney cartoons. Other cartoon movies that are made by the likes of Fox or Dreamworks are a bit more for adults because of their cynical and sarcastic nature. Kids mimic what it is they see and see that their parents think as funny. I like Shrek and most of the cartoons that Dreamworks has came out with but when in comparison with Disney their efforts in making cartoons for kids are trite. They make them too edgy and they loose that cartoon appeal. They end up just being adults pretending to be for kids while really being for adults. Disney movies at least cater to kids and have enough smarts in them to catch adults as well.

This is why I’m glad that Disney has not altered their magical touch to include ideals that the other companies have infused with their cartoons. I like that Disney has stuck to their guns and continue to make movies for kids that adults will like. They do not make cartoons for adults that kids will like. This is similar to the Adult Swim-mentality. Just because it’s a cartoon doesn’t mean it’s alright for a kid to see them.

Meet the Robinsons is a funny movie with clever children as the main characters. Lewis and Wilbur are clever without being devious to the point of police action. They are just doing kid things while trying to fix an issue that needs to be dealt with before a parent finds out. I like the simplistic nature of the movie and how it showed the importance of family. It also showed the importance of parents and their active role in what their child likes.

The bad guy (which is all I can say because any more and it might give away things) with the bowler hat looks more devious than he actually is. He gained access to a smart hat in which helps him with his devious plans to get what it is he wants. He is funny with how he screws up or how he thinks he has a great idea and then only realizes that his plan was not so bright after all.

I really like the movie and I believe I’ll be buying it. I watched it and I laughed at the silly parts and I thought the whole movie was well done even though I caught on to what was going on early. That really did not ruin the movie it just made me like it that much more because it is a movie about family. I’d even say that I would see it again in theaters. It gave me that warm fuzzy feeling.

Meet the Robinsons is not classic Disney but it is Disney and it in this day in age where many cartoons seem to be for kids but only turn out to be more adult-ish it’s nice to know that Disney can still be trusted. When Disney puts out a cartoon that is for kids you can be sure that it’s for kids. If you have kids then take them to see Meet the Robinsons and enjoy the silly nature of a feel good family movie made for kids.

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Allin said...

It's a very nice movie, classic animation...

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