Media Scamper for Ratings in wake of VT Shooting

32 people died including the gunman yesterday at Virginia Tech, making this the worst shooting rampage in US history. The media loves to drive that point home. I lost count how many times they uttered that last sentence.

In fact, that is the sum total of the facts that we have about the incident:
  • A guy killed 32 people.
  • We don't know why.
  • It's the worst shooting rampage in US History

But that's not stopping the media from doing everything they can to cash in on what happened as fast and as aggressively as possible.

According to Variety day two of the coverage promises even more un-news for your sensationalistic pleasure:
The three broadcast nets planned to devote nearly all their evening newscasts to the massacre. CBS expanded "Evening News" to an hour, while NBC and ABC planned limited commercial interruptions to extend the time available to news coverage.
Its not like there is new information about this. The gunman is dead. Its not like you are going to answer the question why. So all the nets are really covering is opinion, conjecture and speculation. Something the media is very good at.

And the tinfoil hat crowd is already up in arms about it.

Alex Jones, a gravely loud mouth syndicated radio host and advocate for everything conspiratory, has already started the bandwagon rolling by saying the shooting may be a big government plan:

The details that are beginning to emerge fill the criteria that this could very well be another government black-op that will be used as justification for more gun control and turing [sic] our schools into prisons, festooned with armed guards, surveillance cameras and biometric scanning to gain entry.

Ironic therefore it is that Virginia is a concealed carry state and yet Virginia Tech campus recently enforced a policy prohibiting "unauthorized possession, storage or control" of firearms on campus. According to gun rights activists such as Aaron Zelman of Jews For The Preservation of Firearms, VA Tech has "blood on its hands" for disarming the 21 victims who could potentially have defended themselves against the killer.

There are a lot of questions to ask about this incident, like why did it take cops almost two hours from the reports of the first shooting to start locking down the school? Why did they think the gunman just left campus after the first two died? Is this typical bureaucratic piss-poor handling of an incident, or are these signs of something more sinister going on under the surface?

I don't know, but rest assured every news agency in the world will be talking about this for days, giving us more opinion and nothing new.

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