JJ Abrams Tells Us Nothing New

According to the Trek Moivie Report Website, in the latest issue of Star Trek Magazine, "Star Trek XI" Director JJ Abrams tells the magazine, "James T. Kirk appears in the movie."

Gosh. Thanks for that "breaking" news, JJ. Are you also going to have a press conference to confirm that the film will take place in space?

Back in April of 2006, Variety, citing sources at Paramount reported that production on the eleventh Star Trek flick was officially underway and that the story would involve James T. Kirk and Spock during their days at Starfleet Academy.

So it seems a bit strange that almost exactly one year later, Abrams has officially confirmed Kirk is in the film.

Three months after the original Variety article ran, Paramount released the teaser poster which depicts the old-school emblem that was used by the crew of the USS Enterprise in the original series. According to Memory Alpha, the Star Trek reference wiki, "The background of the poster is one-half command gold, one-half science blue." suggesting that the film revolves around the commander and science officer. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to logically deduce that in order to resurrect the franchise successfully, the film is going to have to play the Kirk and Spock cards.

But hey, go ahead and officially report in a fan mag that it's true and you'll keep the trekkies sporting chubbies for another six months.

In the article we wrote in February, we mentioned that Matt Damon, Adrian Brody and Gary Sinise were the three actors that were rumored to be cast for the respective parts of Kirk, Spock and McCoy. Looking at that now, I am hesitant to believe that this is really the case. This sounds more like a "wouldn't it be cool if..." rather than any real inside information.

But with the Earth-shattering news that the film is indeed going to have Kirk in it, perhaps there is a glimmer of hope that this casting might actually happen.

But Matt Damon as Kirk? Sorry, I just don't see it.

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