Get Your Grind on Early

According to, Dimension films will be releasing Tarrintino and Rodriguez' homage to bad movies a day earlier than its scheduled release date in select theaters.

If you haven't heard about Grindhouse yet, you really must live in a bubble. The marketing dept for Dimension has been working overtime to make sure you know about this film. Thanks in no small part to tactics like the Rosario Dawson and Rose Mcgowan nude Rolling Stone cover.

There is kind of an interesting dynamic going on with this film (films). Because everyone knows its a tip of the hat to the old style exploitation films of the 1970's, there is a certain expectation that its over-the-top blood and guts style is beyond reproach. If the movie is good, it will spawn a whole army of copycat flicks. If the movie is bad, fanboys will defend it by saying its supposed to be that way.

We'll hold off on judgment until our fearless film critic J Jammer sees it.

Here are the cities that are showing the film starting today. We're betting that this will probably get added to the film's weekend totals, so expect some big numbers on Monday:

Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New York
San Francisco
Washington DC

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J_Jammer said...

Who may not see it.....I don't know. I did not want to see it and I've heard that one of the movies is good and the other is horrible. It's from people that actually like that kind of film.

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