Edward Norton is the Incredible Hulk

Variety just reported that Ed Norton has been inked to play Bruce Banner in the Marvel sequel to The Incredible Hulk. This next film will be directed by Louis Leterrier (the Transporter 1 & 2) and production is scheduled to begin this Summer in Toronto with the film is scheduled for release on June 13, 2008.
"Edward Norton is a rare talent and one of the most versatile actors in the business," Marvel Studios production president Kevin Feige said in a statement. "His ability to transform into a particular role makes him the ideal choice to take on the character of Bruce Banner and the Hulk. Edward is perfectly suited to bring one of the most popular and important Marvel icons to the bigscreen in a new and exciting way."
Not to mention that since Norton has more star power than Eric Bana, this wont hurt ticket sales.

The film is being written by Zak Penn, who also helped write two "X-Men" films, "Fantastic Four" and "Elektra" for Marvel.

So next Summer is looking like its going to be the season of comic book action heroes. Paramount's got "Captain America" and Warner Brother's has both "Superman: The Man of Steel" and "The Flash" but so far there is no release date for either one of those.

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