Weekend Box Office Recap

Well clearly, people didn't pay attention to my suggestion and not go to the movies this weekend. My grasp of influence on the American cinematic consumer is not quite as strong as I had hoped.

Meanwhile, the brave 300 heroes of Sparta may have been able to hold off the Persian army, but they got their asses kicked this weekend by four stupid turtles.

300 dropped 37% on its third weekend. Not a big surprise as it is definitely the average drop on a film. And the big winner this week made 25 mil. Not a huge number, but a very respectable open. My guess now is that next weekend, we'll see about a 40% drop for TMNT.

Here are the weekend numbers. Links take you to the film's Rotten Tomatoes page

1 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $25,450,000 3,110 screens
2 300 $20,510,000 3,280
3 Shooter $14,501,000 2,806
4 Wild Hogs $14,362,000 3,401
5 The Last Mimzy $10,200,000 3,017
6 Premonition $10,100,000 2,831
7 The Hills Have Eyes II $10,000,000 2,447
8 Reign Over Me $8,000,000 1,671
9 Pride $4,000,000 1,518
10 Dead Silence $3,467,520 1,806

Next weekend we have Nomad, Meet the Robinsons, and Blades of Glory, so basically it will boil down to how much you like Will Ferrell.

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