Weekend Box Office Predictions: Do Something Else

There is much hype right now about the fact that there are several films being released this weekend and whether or not 300 will still stay on top as the number one film.

My prediction: its all crap.

Here are the list of films. Links take you to their Rotten Tomatoes page:

I think perhaps the big box office draw out of all of the films coming out might be Mark Wahlberg's "Shooter," but it only registers 40% positive from the 43 reviewers that have already seen it. Their consensus was that it fails to distinguish itself from other mindless action-thrillers. It sounds Paramount is using a last-ditch tactic to release a mediocre film based solely on the recent popularity of its Oscar Nominated actor. A sure sign of a crappy flick.

TMNT is hovering at an abysmal 20%. Sean Axmaker from the Seattle Post Inteligencer

"This is no mythic rebirth like Batman Begins or Superman Returns, simply another generically smart-alecky chapter directed with a visual style attuned to speed."

I think we all have already had enough of this cartoon character nonsense. My guess is that TMNT will crash and burn in new and Razzie-worthy ways.

There is also Adam Sandler's latest attempt at serious acting: a depressing story about a depressing guy coping with the depressing aftermath of 9/11, and a sequel of a Zombie movie. Yea.

At this point, whoever takes the first place race will come down to how well the marketing departments of the studios did at convincing the consumers to check out their wares. Nothing sounds really strong, and if you've already seen 300, perhaps it might be a good weekend to do something other than sit idle and not be entertained. Maybe its a good weekend for a hike. Or some yard work. Or doing your taxes.

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