Tom Cruise: The WWII Action Hero

Tom Cruise is set to star in Bryan Singer's untitled United Artists WWII project scripted by Christopher McQuarrie and Nathan Alexander.

Originally, Cruise was not going to be on the project, but according to the THR article, was swayed by the script and a convincing Bryan Singer:
"After reading the script, Tom and I knew immediately that this was a film that we had to make," UA CEO Paula Wagner said. "As an added bonus, because of Bryan Singer's involvement and Tom's admiration for him as a filmmaker, as well as the excellence of the script, the project attracted Tom as an actor. I cannot think of a more perfect combination of creative elements for our second production."

This is the second project to be greenlighted under the reborn United Artists mantle. Production is under way on its inaugural film, "Lions for Lambs," directed by Robert Redford and starring Redford, Meryl Streep and Cruise. "Lambs" is scheduled for release Nov. 9.

So is UA just a fancy company that Tom Cruise can sit at the head of and decide which films he wants to be in? Is UA just a colossal monument to Cruise's ego?

We'll see how well Lambs does once its released and then re-evaluate.

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