Surveying Generation Next: Marijuana and Booze

A recent Pew research survey was created to help shape the prototype consumer in the years to come.

Its important for corporations to keep tabs on their target demographic. Here is one interesting aspect I bet they weren't expecting:

Fully 41% of Gen Nexters (those ages 18-25) say it is okay for other people to smoke marijuana in a recent Pew survey. Among Gen Xers and Boomers, 35% agree. Seniors take a more skeptical view of smoking marijuana; just 11% find it acceptable for others to smoke pot. In spite of the fact that it is illegal, smoking marijuana is actually more acceptable to Gen Nexters overall than drinking a lot. Three-in-ten Nexters and 27% of Xers say it is okay to drink a lot of alcohol. This compares with 14% of Boomers and 8% of Seniors. As for other vices, gambling is acceptable to a large majority of Gen Nexters -- 67% say it is okay for other people to gamble. Among Xers and Boomers, roughly 60% agree. Seniors are less keen on gambling -- only 41% think it is okay.

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