South Park Premiere Secret

Entertainment Weekly is all giddy like a little schoolgirl over the season premiere of South Park this Wednesday night. Mostly because Trey Parker and Matt Stone are keeping the details of the episode under uber-tight security.

Here is an excerpt of an interview between Entertainment Weekly and the dynamic Duo:

EW: "That's cool, but can you tell us anything about the premiere?"
Parker: "Honestly, when you see it, you're gonna be like, 'I see why they couldn't tell me.' Unless, we end up not going with that one because it doesn't work, and we go with something else." [Laughter]
Stone: "You suck so bad."

So it could be very controversial or not. My guess is that while Comedy Central likes to give these guys a long leash, they are not willing to drop the leash altogether. If some grandma gets offended and gets the Parents Television Council to needle the FCC into ass-raping the network, they are going to be none too pleased at Mr. Stone and Mr. Parker.

More than likely, its something that has already been cleared with the big wigs hiding under their desks at Comedy Central. All of this is probably just hype.

But ya know, I'll probably set my Tivo anyway.

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