"Premonition" to See or Not to See

Genres: Thriller
Release Date: March 16th, 2007 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some violent content, disturbing images, thematic material and brief language.
Distributors: Sony Pictures Releasing

Directed by: Mennan Yapo

JJ Rating: B

Linda gets news that her husband has died in a car accident. She is devastated by this news. She then goes to sleep and when she wakes up the next day she finds her husband alive. She just tosses out what was yesterday, to her, as a dream. Then she realizes that what is going on is she is living one day before her husband dies and then another day after her husband has died. She is totally lost as to what is going on because when she wakes up from her sleep she’ll be in a different day at a different time.

I love Sandra Bullock so that was the main reason for me seeing this movie. Plus it was most awesome that the movie came out on Friday the day after my birthday. It’s like a gift. I was all excited to watch it.

Premonition is a confusing movie if you are not paying attention to what is going on. If you have an eye for detail this movie might interest you more than others because it is all about the detail of what was and has yet to be. I love Sandra Bullock and she is a great actress. Her movies are usually really good. There are a couple of them that just are horrible but even in those Sandra Bullock is good at her acting. This movie is no exception she is a great actress in it.

I did not like it a lot. That is a conflicting problem seeing how I really like her. I liked the idea of the movie and I liked the movie over all. I did give it a B. To me it’s a movie I will not be seeing again because I really don’t see a need to do so. Someone who has a stale marriage might connect with how Bullock is in this movie and see what they don’t want to become but for me there’s nothing to connect with. I don’t have a reason to want to see it again.

I liked the little girls in the movie because they were cute and they added the hope. Everyone else in the movie was a bit on the negative pull of Bullocks character. They all ignored what she was saying and were only listening to what they thought she was saying. The kids were different. They actually loved her and were no different no matter how weird she was acting because she was living her days out of order. They showed the unconditional type love that kids are so willing to give freely at times.

I also liked some surprises that were in the movie. I was thinking what could happen that would be a surprise to me and there were some things that did that. I loved how things fell together as the movie was coming to a close. That’s an awesome feeling while watching a movie and going OOOOOOH so that’s why she did that….and that is what occurred for me.

Other than not being able to connect one of the biggest problems I had was the ending. The end of the climax made total sense and I had guessed it would occur but the very end was different. It wasn’t clear to me. It was an abrupt end and I expected something to be explained. I wanted some sort of closure. It just left me hanging on the “huh? What just happened” idea.

I own most of her movies and there are two or three I don’t own. Premonition is probably going to make it three or four I don’t own. The main reason for not wanting it would be because it didn’t have something for me to connect to. I think people who have been through a similar situation with a wife/husband who is distant can understand and get how she is feeling through out the movie and might even like it more so than most because of it. I also think people who are detailed oriented would like the movie. For those that enjoy fast action or fast paced movies they should avoid this movie because it’s not fast it’s a bit slow and it sort of speeds up towards the end but not a whole lot.

I was excited to see this movie because I love Bullock and I enjoy watching her act. With that said I was not disappointed in the movie. It sort of did go about the way I thought it would. The connection to the movie cannot really be seen by a trailer but only after watching it so that was something that was to or not to happen as I was viewing it. And as I always state the ending makes or breaks the movie for me and if it had a more awesome ending that might have made me love it more so than I do now.

Premonition is what it is a movie that confuses, like the word itself does, until the end comes and brings all the pieces together and maybe you’ll love the big picture and maybe you won’t.

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