The Oscar Sound Mixing Smackdown: Now With More Drama

This couldn't be more of a made-for-TV moment if it tried:

You might have heard about the interesting moment that went down backstage during the Oscars. Winners Willie Burton, Bob Beemer and Michael Minkler, - winners of the Best Sound Oscar for their work on "Dreamgirls" - were in the press room taking questions from reporters.

The Hollywood Reporter has the details:
A question was thrown to the trio about what advice they had for Kevin O'Connell, a nominee for "Apocalypto" who now has been nominated 19 times without a win. While Burton and Beemer had conciliatory things to say -- "Hang in there, Kevin, you'll get your chance," Burton said -- Minkler's words were the opposite. "I think Kevin should go away with 19 nominations," he said without cracking a smile. "We work really hard, and if we stumble upon an award, we are so grateful. I have to wonder ... Kevin is an OK mixer, but he should take up another line of work." He exited the stage leaving people wondering whether he was serious.
OK, so in addition to the Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing, Minkler gets the award for best sore-winning asshole. The first thought that ran through my head after hearing about this was why didn't O'Connell jump up, grab the oscar from Minkler and beat him to death with it?

Because his mom was dying.

Here is the response he gave to Tom O'Neil of the Times:
"As you may or may not know, my mother Skippy passed away on Sunday night right after the Oscars. I was holding her in my arms when she died. I was not made aware of Mr. Minkler's comments until Monday morning. I have not seen them personally and at this point I have no intention of looking at them or reading about them. I'll get back to you when I get that far down of my list of what is important to me."
The Times also asked O'Connel's partner in the mixing nomination Greg P. Russell how he felt about what Minkler said. Russell didn't hold back:
"He was absolutely sincere with that BULLSHIT. That man has lost whatever respect he had from a ton of people. Kevin, mind you, left the ceremonies right after our award and went to the hospital where his mother passed away in his arms at 11:32 pm. As if Kevin didn't have enough to deal with. He wakes up to this bullshit."

So while mama Skippy was dying in the hospital of a broken heart, having watched her baby boy lose for the 19th time, the winner is in the press room trash talking him.

If a spec script isn't being written about this, I would be totally surprised.

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