Movie Release Schedule through July

Just because someone asked, here are the various films scheduled for release through July.

Data thanks to The Numbers for their excellent information.

March, 23 The Hills Have Eyes II Fox Searchlight
March, 23 The Last Mimzy New Line
March, 23 Pride Lionsgate
March, 23 Reign Over Me Sony Pictures
March, 23 Shooter Paramount Pictures
March, 23 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Weinstein Co.
March, 23 The Prisoner or: How I Planned to Kill Tony Blair (exclusive)

March, 23 Air Guitar Nation (limited) Docurama
March, 23 Colour Me Kubrick: A True...ish Story (limited) Magnolia Pictures
March, 23 First Snow (limited) Yari Film Group Releasing
March, 23 Journey from the Fall (limited) Imaginasian
March, 23 Memory (2007) (limited) Aloha Releasing
March, 23 Namastey London (limited) Eros Entertainment
March, 23 Offside (limited) Sony Pictures Classics
March, 23 Piccadilly Cowboy, The (limited) Ford Films
March, 23 The Page Turner (limited) Tartan Films

March, 30 Blades of Glory Dreamworks SKG
March, 30 Meet the Robinsons Buena Vista
March, 30 Rescue Dawn MGM
March, 30 Nomad (nationwide release) Weinstein Co.
March, 30 After the Wedding (limited) IFC Films
March, 30 Live Free or Die (limited)

March, 30 The Lookout (limited) Buena Vista
March, 30 Race You to the Bottom (limited)

March, 30 Skinwalkers (limited) Lionsgate/After Dark

TBA The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Warner Bros.

April, 2007
April, 4 Are We Done Yet? Sony Pictures
April, 4 Firehouse Dog 20th Century Fox

April, 6 Grindhouse Weinstein Co.
April, 6 I Could Never Be Your Woman Bauer Martinez
April, 6 The Reaping Warner Bros.
April, 6 The TV Set (exclusive) ThinkFilm
April, 6 Black Book (limited) Sony Pictures Classics

April, 7 Chaos Screen Media Films

April, 13 Disturbia Dreamworks SKG
April, 13 The Hoax Buena Vista
April, 13 Kickin It Old Skool Yari Film Group Releasing
April, 13 Lonely Hearts Millenium Films
April, 13 Pathfinder 20th Century Fox
April, 13 Perfect Stranger Sony Pictures
April, 13 Slow Burn Lionsgate
April, 13 Everything's Gone Green (exclusive) First Independent Pictures
April, 13 Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Movie (limited) First Look
April, 13 Year of the Dog (limited) Paramount Vantage

April, 18 The Greatest Escape Sony Pictures

April, 20 Fracture New Line
April, 20 In the Land of Women Warner Independent Pictures
April, 20 The Last Time Sony Pictures
April, 20 The Nanny Diaries Miramax
April, 20 Rogue Weinstein Co.
April, 20 Vacancy Sony Pictures
April, 20 The Valet (exclusive) Sony Pictures Classics
April, 20 The Flying Scotsman (limited) MGM
April, 20 Hot Fuzz (limited) Focus Features
April, 20 Severance (limited) Magnolia Pictures
April, 20 Smiley Face (limited) First Look
April, 20 Stephanie Daley (limited) Regent Releasing
April, 20 The Tripper (limited) Freestyle Releasing

April, 25 Snow Cake (limited) Weinstein Co.

April, 27 The Condemned Lionsgate
April, 27 The Invisible Buena Vista
April, 27 Next Sony Pictures
April, 27 Diggers (limited) Magnolia Pictures
April, 27 Jindabyne (limited) Sony Pictures Classics
April, 27 Waitress (limited) Fox Searchlight
April, 27 Wind Chill (limited) Sony Pictures

May, 2007
May, 4 Lucky You Warner Bros.
May, 4 September Dawn Black Diamond Pictures
May, 4 Spider-Man 3 Sony Pictures
May, 4 Away From Her (exclusive) Lionsgate

May, 11 28 Weeks Later 20th Century Fox
May, 11 Delta Farce Lionsgate
May, 11 The Ex Weinstein Co.
May, 11 The Flock MGM
May, 11 Georgia Rule

May, 11 Show Business (exclusive) Regent Releasing
May, 11 Away From Her (limited) Lionsgate
May, 11 Blind Dating (limited) Samuel Goldwyn Films
May, 11 The Hip Hop Project (limited) ThinkFilm

May, 18 Captivity Lionsgate
May, 18 Shrek the Third Dreamworks SKG
May, 18 The Wendell Baker Story

May, 18 Even Money (exclusive)

May, 18 Fay Grim (limited) Magnolia Pictures

May, 23 I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With (limited)

May, 23 Out of the Blue (limited) IFC Films

May, 25 Bug Lionsgate
May, 25 Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End Buena Vista
May, 25 Angel-A (exclusive) Sony Pictures Classics

June, 2007
June, 1 Hot Rod Paramount Pictures
June, 1 Knocked Up Universal
June, 1 Mr. Brooks MGM
June, 1 My Blueberry Nights (exclusive) Weinstein Co.
June, 1 Crazy Love (limited) Magnolia Pictures
June, 1 Eagle vs Shark (limited) Miramax
June, 1 Gracie (limited) PictureHouse
June, 1 Paprika (limited) Sony Pictures Classics

June, 8 Hostel: Part II Lionsgate
June, 8 La Vie en Rose PictureHouse
June, 8 Ocean's Thirteen Warner Bros.
June, 8 Surf's Up Sony Pictures

June, 15 Evening Focus Features
June, 15 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer 20th Century Fox
June, 15 Nancy Drew Warner Bros.

June, 22 DOA: Dead or Alive Miramax/Dimension
June, 22 Evan Almighty Universal
June, 22 A Mighty Heart Paramount Vantage
June, 22 My Blueberry Nights (expansion to wide release) Weinstein Co.
June, 22 Boss of It All (limited) IFC Films

June, 27 You Kill Me IFC Films

June, 29 Death at a Funeral MGM
June, 29 Live Free or Die Hard 20th Century Fox
June, 29 The Martian Child New Line
June, 29 Ratatouille Buena Vista
June, 29 Vitus (limited) Sony Pictures Classics

TBA Cut Sleeve Boys Regent Releasing
TBA The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing Warner Independent Pictures
TBA Looking for Cheyenne Regent Releasing
TBA Exiled (limited) Magnolia Pictures

July, 2007
July, 4 License to Wed Warner Bros.
July, 4 The Transformers Dreamworks SKG

July, 7 Rockaway Off-Hollywood Distribution

July, 13 1408 Miramax/Dimension
July, 13 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Warner Bros.
July, 13 The Strangers Focus Features

July, 20 Hairspray New Line
July, 20 I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry Universal
July, 20 Son of Rambow: A Home Movie Paramount Pictures
July, 20 Talk to Me Focus Features

July, 27 No Reservations Warner Bros.
July, 27 The Simpsons Movie 20th Century Fox

TBA Fat Girls Regent Releasing
TBA Eleven Men Out Regent Releasing
TBA Broken English (limited) Magnolia Pictures

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