Kurt Kobain Film in the Works?

Back in January we mentioned Courtney Love had acquired the rights to a biography on Kurt Cobain and was shopping it around to several studios.

Just today, an anonymous comment was posted stating that the project is indeed moving forward and that it will be big. The following is the interesting, yet grammatically-troubling post:

Everyne wants it, Every studio is kissing her ass every actor or actress under 30 is kissing her ass Oscar winners and nominees, EXTREMELY A list , Ive seen my share of hot projects an din 8 years in this business this is seriously one of the most desired and hottest ones ive ever seen , she picked a partner who is a former studio head and another producer who the studio shes leaning towards whose had nothing but hits and wins, massive, This film will be MASSIVE. i read some of the book and its wellresearched and factual and not nonsense like these other retarded Cobain books, Courtney comes off real, empathic, like a nurse and a muse and well intentioned based on facts and i nterviews, Yeah she does lame shit sometimes but you cant say she has since she sobered up. as a producer she is making ALL the right moves. If Paramount ha dtop pick between the next Tom Cruise movie and this- theyd pick THIS. Thats how massive this project is.

Is it really possible that there might be a serious movie about Kurt Cobain that can run at the level of other rock bios like "Sid and Nancy"?

Or is this just another half-assed attempt by Courtney to make a business empire out of her dead husband?

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kurt's real wife said...

I am SO sick of the same stale old rehash. Some of us know that there is so much more to Kurt's life than the retold retold retold same old story that keeps making Fugly "Love" (such blasphemy to waste that word on her) a ton of money. It'll be nice when the true version, the untold version, comes out. The version that Courtney doesn't really know, and also the version she wouldn't dare tell.

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