Kelly Osbourne's Mystery HIV Family Member Revealed

It's interesting to see that when you type in the words "Jack Osbourne" and "HIV," the first link you get is Media Morgue.

We mentioned not too long ago that Kelly Osbourne hinted that someone in her family was HIV positive. Since then the net has been buzzing about who she meant. We at the morgue were the first to hint that it might be Jack, but it turns out, our guess was wrong.

For those that haven't heard the news yet, (and judging by the activity we still get over the original Jack story) the mystery person that Kelly was referring to was her cousin, Terry Longden. Who happened to be standing backstage of the event where Kelly made the announcement.
"I told her to say whatever she wanted because it might help someone in a similar situation, but I didn't expect her to cry. I felt quite guilty. She gave me a big hug when she came off."
So there you have it: it is not Jack. We can all now return our lives to other mindless chatter the media tells us to look at.

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