Gerard Butler as Snake Plisskin?

Variety reports that New Line Cinema has won the bidding war to do a remake of John Carpenter's 1981 film, "Escape From New York," with "300" star Gerard Butler attached.

Minimajor closed the deal Thursday, three days after CAA began shopping the package to studios in the wake of Butler's emergence as a rising star, thanks to last weekend's boffo launch of "300."

OK, first of all, who the Hell uses the word "boffo" nowadays? Does Variety journalist Dave McNary also refer to this year as, "aught-seven"?

So the information here is that CAA started the Butler bandwagon once they saw how popular he got off of "300." So they get Ken Nolan, a one-hit wonder (who at best was nominated for a WGA award for his adaptation of "Black Hawk Down") to bash together a re-telling of a pretty-stupid film.

The only reason why this film exists is to keep Gerard looking like the tough guy action hero. In other words, its a vehicle film and nothing more. My guess is that New Line will use its marketing skills to promote the hell out of it, and it will be a one or two weekend smash hit, depending on what its going up against that weekend.

Stay tuned and we'll try to dissect more info in the future.

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