Disney Makes Plans to Kill the Pirates Franchise Slowly

The LA Times reported that Disney (better known as "Mouseschwitz" by its inhabitants) is planning on keeping its Pirates of the Caribbean franchise alive and running, even after the trilogy is wrapped with the third film "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" this Summer.

Which means that it will either be new and exciting adventures with Captain Jack Sparrow or they wont get Johnny Depp to return and it will be a straight to DVD bargin bin special at WalMart.

Seriously. I love the whole pirates thing, but don't you think we've had enough of the same thing? There are only a few scenes from the ride at Disneyland that you haven't included in the films yet and I really don't need to see a politically correct and legal team approved village pillaging. What Disney has now are three good films, that were well made, entertaining and profitable. Now give it a rest and find the next big thing instead of trying to squeeze every last drop of blood out of a working franchise.

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allison said...

I agree 100%. I LOVE these movies and I love Johnny Depp as Captain Jack, but they are wearing out their welcome. a trilogy can be made and be sbsolutely fantastic, but when you keep making more of the same movies AFTER the trilogy, they start to get crappy because the writers tend to run out of ideas. I pray that disney doesn't make another after 3. It will look soooo desperate for money on disney's behalf.

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