Apple TV Now Shipping

Attention Consumers: Apple has announced that they are finally shipping the long-awaited Apple TV. Please assemble into organized lines and hand over your wallets.

Apple TV is a set-top box that can "wirelessly stream or download iTunes videos, podcasts and music from a computer to a television."

So basically, its a $300 device that can generate additional streams of income for Apple.

I'm not saying that pulling content off of the net and kicking it to the big screen isn't a bad idea. If you've got the storage capacity, turning your computer into a DVR seems like a great utilization of resources. You could very easily turn your house into the "house of the future" that the Disney Corporation and Monsanto Chemical company created for consumers 40 years ago.

I am just not one of the lemmings that is going ga-ga over a device that basically is a corporation's strategy to generate more money.

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Evorgleb said...

Over at Highbrid Nation we have been talking the Apple TV and how unimpressed we are with it. I just don't believe that most people will be able to get much out of it. Too many issues to deal with. I'll likely be a while before I make such an investment.

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