Weekend Preview

So will Nicholas Cage's comic book movie overpower the ego known as Jim Carrey?

Reuters is predicting that "Ghost Rider" will out-pace "The Number 23" for the box office win for the second weekend in a row. Who would have expected the flaming skull to gross over $52 million for a 4-day weekend? I say it was due to nothing better being released.

However with this being the weekend of "Hollywood's biggest night" there is a chance the box office numbers might be lower than expected. I doubt it will be by much, though.

"23" is predicted to open in the mid teen-million range, probably taking second place, ahead of "Reno 911! Miami" also opening this weekend.

Dont Forget The Razzies

If you are of the anti-Hollywood bend, you might want to check out our coverage of the Razzie award winners for this year. The event is being held Saturday night at the Ivar theater, so we should be able to post the results by Sunday. Not that we are expecting to get into the Ivar, of course. A couple of years ago, I made a point to update my membership with the "Golden Raspberry Award Foundation" and take my wife to the awards ceremony. That was the year Halle Berry decided to show up in person to receive her award for worst actress. The press descended upon the tiny Hollywood playhouse like it was the second coming of Christ.

In short, we were deemed unworthy of a seat in the theater in order to make room for whatever journalist and cameraman needed to shoot the same image the other 150 journalists were taking. I bitched to the head Berry, but to no avail. He was clearly enjoying being the center of attention. Paying members aren't as important as good publicity, so kicked to the curb we were, thus solidifying my undying hatred for all things involved with the Hollywood machine - including silly, glued together parody awards shows.

If you are sick of all this Oscar hype by now, relax. After the Monday morning quarterbacking, the business of Hollywood will quietly return to the back rooms and board rooms of billion dollar corporations as agents vie to position their nominees and winners into next year's crop of cash siphons to present to the public.

Enjoy your weekend.

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