Weekend Box Office Recap

Is it any surprise that "Ghost Rider" is the number one flick this weekend? Of course not. Audiences are starved for entertainment. No matter how silly, contrived and over the top that entertainment may be.

So a Nicholas Cage's campy acting, receding hairline and flaming skull on a motorcycle manages to ride over Eddie Murphey in a fat suit. No big surprise there. We mentioned last week that this was going to happen. Its also no surprise that Norbit dropped over 50% from its previous 1st week success. Most-likely on the strength of word of mouth that it wasn't really that funny to begin with.

And Ben Stiller's comedy is still hanging on to the top 10 mark, grossing to date more than $237 million.

Here are the numbers from the weekend. The links go to the corresponding Rotten Tomatoes page:

1. Ghost Rider - $44.5 Million
2. Bridge to Terabithia - $22.075M
3. Norbit - $16.8M - Down over 50% from last weekend
4. Music and Lyrics - $14M
5. Daddy's Little Girls - $12.1M
6. Breach - $10.3M
7. Hannibal Rising - $5.4M
8. Because I Said So - $4.9M
9. The Messengers -$3.8M
10. Night at the Museum - $3.7M

The following films are opening this coming Friday:

The Number 23 - can Jim Carrey's ego even fit on the screen anymore?
Reno 911!: Miami - A mildly funny TV show turned into mildly funny movie.
Starter for Ten - Staring a bunch of people you've never heard of and produced by Tom Hanks

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