Weekend Box Office Recap (2/9)

The two newly released flicks became the number 1 and 2 on the box office list this weekend, with Eddie Murphy in a fat suit crushing the birth of Hannibal Lector in its corpulent wake.

What's interesting to note is that the number one film has the worst rottentomatoes score. At the time of this writing, Norbit scored only 9% fresh from a field of 89 reviews.

Despite our rather good review of the film, Hannibal Rising - the story of the creation of Hannibal Lector - didn't fare much better, garnering only a 17% rating from 102 reviews.

So clearly what we see here is the opening weekend draw that will quickly sink these two flicks out of the top five in short order. Especially considering that the much-hyped Nicholas Cage stinker "Ghost Rider" is sure to take first place next weekend.

Here are the numbers. Links go to each films respective rottentomatoes page:

1. Norbit $33.7 million
2. Hannibal Rising - $13.350M
3. Because I Said So - $9.04M
4. The Messengers - $7.2M
5. Night At The Museum - $5.750M
6. Epic Movie - $4.45M
7. Smokin Aces - $3.793M
8. Pan's Labyrinth - $3.549M
9. Dreamgirls - $3.093M
10. The Queen - $2.5M

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