Weekend Box Office Recap (2/23)

We reported Friday how there was rumor that Nicholas Cage's campy comic biker from hell movie would probably keep its number one spot in the box office race this weekend and from the looks of it, the rumors were right.

Jim Carey's out-of-character suspense/thriller didn't thrill quite as many people as they had hoped. On Friday night, the two films were neck and neck, but as the weekend wore on, more people wanted to see (as one cinema patron put it) "the flaming skull guy one."

Here are the numbers for this weekend. Links as always go to each film's RottenTomatoes page:

1. Ghost Rider - $19.7 Million
2. The Number 23 - $15.1
3. Bridge to Terabithia - $13.5M
4. Reno 911! Miami - $10.4M
5. Norbit - $9.7M
6. Music and Lyrics - $8M
7. Breach - $6.1M
8. Daddy's Little Girls - $5.2M
9. The Astronaut Farmer - $4.5M
10 Amazing Grace - $4.3M

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