Vanity, thy name is The Hoff

As we mentioned in our shared content bar up above, Life Style Extra is reporting that David Hasslehoff admits to searching for himself on the internet.

Now, searching for your name on the net is really not that big of a deal, but when your as big as the Hoff, who (according to the article) is "the most searched for person on the internet" we are betting that it can be quite a daunting, time-consuming task requiring large amounts of "me time" to accomplish.

Sorry to burst your bubble Dave, but I'm going to have to call bullshit on this. Sure your name may return a lot of hits and you are definitely tucked securely into the zeitgeist of both kitschy, 80's television shows and inexplicably popular German music, but until you dangle your twig and berries in front of a photographer's lens while exiting your car...or have a secret stash of all your hardcore amateur porn sold on the net, you are sadly running a distant second or third to those train wrecks that are far more morally bankrupt than you could ever dream to be.

Keep the faith, Hoff, with a little work and a lot more drinking, you'll get there.

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