Tabloids Fued over Anna Nichole's Leech

Yesterday we mentioned how Entertainment Tonight allegedly paid Smith's sycophant Howard K. Stern a cool million to sob on camera.

Today ET is (of course) denying the accusations.

From ShowBizData:
An ET spokeswoman told the New York Daily News: "These types of accusations are typically made by news organizations that don't have exclusives on major stories." However, the Daily News pointed out that "shows get around the 'We don't pay for interviews' mandate by paying to license images and videos." When asked whether ET had paid for video used in connection with the Stern interview, the ET spokeswoman replied, "Like the Daily News, or any other news media outlet, we compensate rights holders for their photography or video."
So did ET pay for the right to license Stern's image - and thus nail the exclusive right to show Stern shedding the aforementioned crocodile tears on camera? Essentially this is just semantics. "No we don't pay for interviews, but we'll pay you for the right to use your face and tears for our ratings."

Good thing Anna had the good fortune to drop dead during sweeps month, otherwise she'd just be a 5 minute blurb on Access Hollywood instead of a full-out media blitz by all the networks.

Attention whore till the end. Way to go, Anna.

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