Stern's Million Dollar Tears

Dead celebrity hanger-on Howard K. Stern (not to be confused with the other Howard) is set to give a "tell-all" interview to "Entertainment Tonight" about Anna Nicole Smith.

TMZ and their diligent dirt diggers have the unconfirmed details:

The buzz is that "ET" forked over a cool $1 million for the exclusive interview, which begins airing in segments tonight, but exact details of the deal remain secret. TMZ was unable to confirm that, but it's a safe bet it's a large number. The interview takes place during Howard's flight from Florida to the Bahamas to secure Dannielynn.
So Stern is starting to cash in on his recently dead cash cow. Big shocker that it took this long. Although it hasn't been reported yet, we figure it's only a matter of time before we see a book and possibly a spec script for a movie of the week over all this nonsense.

Meanwhile, in the wake of the recent photo of Anna's hotel refrigerator "Trimspa" head Alex Goen has gone on Court TV in a vain attempt to get his company off the hook and prevent other fat and desperate fools from sprinting away from the weight loss program like a herd of stampeding cellulite-laden water buffaloes. Because the photo showed both Trimspa alongside its competitor "SlimFast," Goen claimed that "It would definitely be a violation ... it would definitely be one of those things we would question. We would not want her taking any other weight loss products." Of course not. Now Trimspa can triumphantly declare that it was not THEIR product that killed the ditzy blond, but rather a lethal combination of Slim Fast and Methadone that did the deed.

What really killed Anna was vanity, fear and lack of any real friends. But whatever keeps the corpulent cows drinking your snake oil and making you millions is really all that matters.

You can see now that money really is the name of the game for celebs and the people that buzz around them. Its all that matters.

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