Speed Racer Update

One of my goals this week was to find out some more information on the upcoming Speed Racer film being done by the Wachowski brothers. Sadly, I wound up with not much new information. You would think that people would be leaking info about this one right and left, but perhaps because they are not in principal photography yet, not much news is being leaked.

Here is what we do know.
  • Being produced (and possibly released) by Warner Brothers
  • The Wachowskis are re-teaming with director Joel Silver as well as several of the special effects teams that were responsible for the Matrix films.
  • The film has been in development hell for several years and was shelved when the budget got to big (Johnny Depp was originally slated to play speed, but the idea was scrapped)
  • Vince Vaughn has had a lot to do with getting this project moving again. There is also talk that Vaughn will play Speed's older brother, Racer X.
  • The film is being shot in Germany and they are aiming for a G rating.
Yep, A general audience rating. So that sex scene we've all been hoping for between Speed and Trixie will have to remain only in the Alpha Team techno version of the song from 1992.

And that's all I got.

If anyone has any further info on this production, we will be happy to make it worth your while. Send all information to mediamorgue@gmail.com

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