Psycho Astronaut Story Soon to be Movie of the Week

You knew it was bound to happen:

The International Herald Tribune reports that Granada America the U.S.-based production entity of ITV, who has produced such winning programming as "Hell's Kitchen" and "Nanny 911" has optioned the film rights to an article on Lisa Nowak, 43, who was arrested Monday and charged with attempted murder.
Police say Nowak made a desperate, 900-mile (1,448-kilometer) cross-country drive while wearing a diaper — to avoid bathroom breaks — to catch up [with] a woman she thought was involved with the man she loved. She carried a trench coat, a wig, a pellet gun and pepper spray, among other items.

"The chronicle of Lisa Marie Nowak has had a global impact and contains almost every dramatic element possible," Granada America CEO David Gyngell said Friday. "One could not imagine a more compelling story."

Our guess is that this wont be the only script written about this rather odd kidnapping plot. We're sure that Law and Order will rip from the headlines this scenario in a vain attempt to bring in better ratings as well.

Gosh. I just can't wait.

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