Paris and Lindsay are Hard to Work With.

Here's a big shocker filed under "No Shit"

Page Six of the New York Post comes to the conclusion that some film "stars" like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are difficult, if not impossible to work with.

We've already mentioned Lindsay's demands on the studio having to suspend production so that she can have her appendix removed and then with her checking herself into rehab. Now a source on the set of "I Know Who Killed Me" says that her attitude is also a problem:

...ever since she went to the Wonderland clinic, she's been "moody and is
making everyone miserable around her. She'll be late and sometimes won't come out of her trailer." Lohan is being trailed by a "sober coach" as well as an entourage.

Lohan's hardworking rep, Leslie Sloane Zelnik,
said, "I am not witnessing [cranky, moody] behavior at all. When is this
girl going to get a break without everyone judging her every move?"

And over on the set of "The Hottie and the Nottie" (an opus we can almost guarantee will be fast-tracking straight to the bargain DVD bin at Wal-Mart) Paris Hilton is showing up late and having trouble remembering her lines.

The UK Sun has recently reported that true A-List stars like Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson have told their agents to turn down flat any movie with Lindsay's name on it. According to the Sun:

"The old guard think she is just a stupid minor celeb who brings shame on their
profession and hope that if they stick together she will get shut out. "

Seriously: Is anyone surprised by this? Why does Hollywood continue to give these two any work? In fact, why are celebutards like this even in the news? In fact, why the hell are we writing about Lindsay for the second time today? Haven't we all wasted enough oxygen molecules reading article after article about the incessant partying and careless attitude of skanks like this?

As we've said before, it's called schadenfreude and loosely translated it means we take joy in watching other's misfortune. Especially people in the public eye that most of us think deserve it. Its American's number one characteristic and its growing every day. Let's hope karma is just as popular.

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