"Norbit" Funny a Bit.

Genres: Comedy
Release Date: February 9th, 2007 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for crude & sexual humor, some nudity, and language.
Distributors: DreamWorks SKG

Directed by: Brian Robbins

JJ Rating: B

Norbit’s parents drop him off at Mr. Wong’s who raises him and becomes like his adoptive father. Norbit meets Rasputia while he is a child and she ends up latching on to him as his girlfriend. They end up marrying. Norbit’s life is abusive because of the way Rasputia treats him. He ends up meeting Kate who he knew from Mr. Wong’s and he falls for her yet again. Rasputia cannot lose what she took so she puts up a fight.

Eddie Murphy is a funny man. I liked The Nutty Professor. I think it’s clever how he can be more than one character in a movie and do such a great job that each character comes to life. It works the same in Norbit. Murphy plays Norbit, Rasputia and Mr. Wong. They each have their moments and they each are different enough to make me forget that it’s Eddie Murphy.

I laughed through out the movie. There are some good scenes that had me laughing out loud. I love the entire water park scene. Every scene with Mr. Wong is pretty funny. He is a good character. Rasputia had great catchphrases such as “How you doin’?” It’s funny when she says it the way she says it. Plus her dancing to the song Don’t Cha by the Pussycat Dolls is disturbing and freakin’ funny.

People are flustered over Rasputia because they think she was created to make fun of fat black women. If fat black women act like Rasputia then maybe they deserve to be made fun of. If they do not then they don’t have anything to worry about. It’s just a character grow a sense of humor or learn to just ignore things you find stupid. Making a big deal about the character is just silly.

The problem I had with Norbit is that the humor wasn’t all out as funny as I had hopped and that the drama that it tried to squeeze out of the storyline really didn’t work too well. The humor was good for the most part but I had expected something a bit more than borderline. The drama was alright. I think the humor over took the movie and left no room for anything serious or really plausible. You have to give up on reality if you see this movie especially for the ending.

I think Norbit is a good funny movie but not a movie that I’ll be buying. I would see it again though because there are some parts I really like. I still believe that Murphy is a good actor and he’s a funny actor just this movie didn’t work it for me. I wanted to really love this movie but I just ended up thinking it was just good. And Norbit is just a horrible name but that added to the funny of the movie just not enough for me to love it. Though I will be saying “How you doin’?” a lot.

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