Lindsay Pulls Out

According to the "'bloids," Lindsay Lohan has pulled out of her commitment to star in "A Woman of No Importance" where she was slated to co-star with Annette Benning.

Leslie Sloane Zelnik, the hardest working rep in show business told People magazine:
"It's a mature thing to do. She's doing this so she can focus on getting better. If anything has been learned, it's that what she needs comes first - and right now she needs focus."
But US Magazine reports that according to a text message Lindsay sent to flavor of the week Brody Jenner what she really wants is sex and McDonalds.

Meanwhile, Lindsay's estranged father, Michael Lohan, currently serving time in New York for assault wrote a letter from his jail cell telling Lindsay to keep the faith: "I'm so proud of you of you in that you are taking back control of your life and putting it back on track, like God wants." he writes.

Lindsay is still technically working on the film "I Know Who Killed Me", which has had to be halted twice - first for the removal of her appendix, then a second time as she entered rehab at the Wonderland Center.

But like most other sites reporting this issue, we're guessing that this recent pull out of her film with Benning was more of a push out.

But we hope that 'ol LiLo truly does get the help she needs. We're sure there will be many more trainwrecks to come in her future and she's going to need plenty of rest.

Artwork: "Valentine: Lindsay's Adventures in Wonderland" by "14"

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