Kevin Smith and his Deal with the Devil

Production Weekly reports that Kevin Smith is slumming it for the CW, directing a pilot for the fledgling merged network called "Reaper:"
...a comedic drama about Sam Oliver, a 21-year-old slacker who learns that at birth his parents sold his soul to the devil and now has to pay the debt by becoming the Satan’s bounty hunter, retrieving souls escaped from hell.
Filming begins March 12 in Vancouver - apparently the place the location scout deems either really cheap to shoot in or most closely resembles Hell.

Still, the synopsis sounds amusing and a bit like a graphic novel. (Remember when they unpretentiously used to be called comic books?) I'm betting this is a no-brainer for Smith, who will probably dig up whatever funny lines he didn't use in "Dogma." Still, I for one am always interested in projects that show an opposing viewpoint to the state religion.

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