Hey Everyone Look at ME!

Dear Britney,

So you decided to have the drapes match the carpet. I'm happy for you.

But then you decide to go to Sherman Oaks to get a tattoo.

Seriously...Sherman Oaks?? Who the fuck purposely goes to Sherman Oaks to get a tattoo? Who the fuck purposely goes to Sherman Oaks for ANYTHING?

Jesus woman, snap out of it! There's a fantastic studio in Beverly Hills just minutes from that place you are selling that would have been more than happy to stifle their award-winning artistic skills to put whatever stupid, thoughtless tattoo catalog clip art you want on your rapidly expanding hips - and all without the annoyance of paparazzi everywhere. In fact, they probably would have really enjoyed beating the shit out of a few camera bugs.

But then again, perhaps this was all just a "crazy-like-a-fox" moment where you secretly have some master plan to win the hearts and minds of a slightly tougher crowd than what one would normally expect at one of your concerts. I dont know.

I also don't care, either. Your popularity and notoriety in the press is annoying, your music sucks and you have the worst taste in friends. I honestly don't give two shits about your new found lunacy. I just needed an excuse to post this artwork from my favorite artist.

Image courtesy: Gallery of the Absurd

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